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Traverse City Wedding PhotographerTraverse City Wedding PhotographerTraverse City Wedding Photographer

Why Hire a Professional Photographer

Hiring a professional photographer for your wedding day offers peace of mind!

“I’ve got a friend who takes great pictures.”

“My uncle has a professional camera!”

“My buddy wants to be a wedding photographer and will do it for free.”

These are a few of the reasons given in opposition to hiring a professional wedding photographer. So why make the choice to go with a professional?

First, what is a professional wedding photographer? A professional wedding photographer is someone whose skill, professionalism, and artistry enables them to make a living with their photography. This is not someone who has a decent digital camera and gets a couple hundred dollars cash to get some snapshots at a friend’s wedding.

A professional wedding photographer has to be as good at running a business as they are at photographing a wedding. This includes the use of good contracts/agreements, clear concise information and pricing, well-articulated expectations (for both parties), and good communication.

Professionalism is paramount to being a wedding photographer. The ability to handle whatever situations that arise on the wedding day quickly, effectively and with a smile. A wedding is an emotional event and it is important to be able to share in the enthusiasm and excitement as well as diffuse any stress that might be present.

Additionally, knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it is something that comes with experience and professional expertise. Your wedding day is not designed to be a learning experience for your friend to figure out his new camera.

The wedding day, while the culmination for the client, is the halfway point for the photographer. The wedding marks the beginning of the story creation. The raw material is captured and it is the photographer’s job to weave the love story around the stolen kisses, soft smiles, joyful giggles and precious moments.

A professional wedding photographer should come to a wedding with a large array of equipment. This will include, a minimum of two professional camera bodies, several lenses, strobes, multiple memory cards, large quantities of batteries, brackets, cords, adapters, lightstands, light modifiers, alternative lighting sources and a tool-kit. While not every item will be utilized at every event, it is important to be prepared for every eventuality including, change in venue, bad weather, unexpected shots to capture, etc…

Your wedding is a day of joy and excitement. You don’t need the added worry that your friend/uncle/buddy is irreparably destroying the once in a lifetime memories he/she is supposed to be capturing. Hire a professional wedding photographer to give you the peace of mind you deserve on this precious day.